Go “sky-high” here with us at Woodfield Properties to see sights unseen and experience the adventure of a lifetime. Though the region’s world-renowned wine and cuisine scenes receive most of the attention, Wine Country’s scenery is an often overlooked feature, along with the abundance of pulse-pounding activities. If you’d like to spend a day combining many of these factors, then you’re in luck with Napa Valley Aloft. This Sonoma hot air balloon experience is not only one of the original companies of its kind in Napa Valley, but it is also the only company flying over Yountville’s iconic landscape, providing jaw-dropping views of both Napa and Sonoma County. Situated at the historical V-Marketplace and surrounded by award-winning restaurants, this Sonoma hot air balloon trip will be more than just pretty views. 

Certified Safety

When you’re making a decision that will bring you hundreds of miles into the air, you should have all your ducks in a row. It should come as a relief then that with Napa Valley Aloft, you’re getting nothing but transparency. Not only are all of their PRO Operators fully licensed and insured, but their safety records reflect impeccable piloting and decision making. Their hot air balloon baskets host eight to 12 passengers, unlike their competitors, who fit 16 to 24. This decision creates a safer, open atmosphere experience for all passengers.

With the weather playing such a crucial part in guiding a hot air balloon (most notably fog), Napa Valley Aloft is more than prepared and features three separate launch sites. After a routine scouting report, your pilot will choose the most appropriate one for a safe launch. It’s good to know you’ll be in both safe hands and baskets! 

Flight Menu

All visitors will have a few options to choose from for their hot air balloon flight. The Adventure Aloft package is a semi-private flight that flies up to 12 passengers and grants you access to beautiful agricultural surroundings from a bird’s-eye view. For a more intimate experience, look into the Exclusive Flight. Either in a group of two or four, this private hot air balloon ride is perfect for anniversaries or marriage proposals. Still, it is also suited for families and adventurous friends seeking solitude. To round out your Sonoma hot air balloon experience, add on the Post Flight Brunch package, where you’ll savor a mimosa brunch with your pilot and fellow aeronauts at celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s Ottimo eatery. 

Photo of a Mountain-View Woodfield Property, Just Minutes Away from a Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Ride.

A Bona Fide Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Experience

Flying hundreds of feet in the air may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it sounds like the sort of adventure for you, Woodfield Properties will assist you every step of the way. Our luxurious Sonoma vacation rentals are a welcome sight after hours spent in the sky. And, with plenty of wineries and award-winning cuisines just minutes away, you’ll have an unforgettable day both up high and down low. Contact us to start planning your aerial and aground adventure today!