Regardless if you are an ardent wine connoisseur or brand new to wine tastings altogether, there are certain places to find the “cream of the crop,”—or the juice of the grapevine, to be more exact. France, Italy, and Spain are among the best in the world, but here in the United States, there is one place that stands above all others: California’s Wine Country, most notably, Sonoma County.

The 3 Best Sonoma Wineries

Included under that umbrella is much of Northern California, where Sonoma wineries offer among the finest vino in the land. But, if you are on a time crunch and don’t have time to visit them all, we have a few recommendations that you cannot miss. 

Buena Vista Winery

Photo of a Sprawling Vineyard at One of the Best Sonoma Wineries.Starting off our list is the historic Buena Vista Winery. This destination dates back to 1857 and was founded by Agoston Haraszthy, the self-proclaimed “Count of Buena Vista.” It has been a staple among Sonoma County wineries ever since. Though he already understood that world-class wine comes from first-class grapes, he also knew the importance of location. Built in the southernmost part of Sonoma Valley,  the wine magically gels all of its components seamlessly via many factors, ranging from the climate and soil to the site’s sun exposure. Upon arrival, bask in the rich history embedded in the stone walls and enjoy the flavors of their reasonably-priced wine. 

Gundlach Bundschu Winery

The next stop on your California Wine Country tour is Gundlach Bundschu Winery. Set on a picturesque hillside, you’ll have incredible views of the Vista Courtyard, the pond, and the hills beyond. We suggest buying a bottle, roaming their charming estate, and savoring the flavors from the comfort under the shade of Owl Grove or in the exciting atmosphere of Arbor Bar. This award-winning Sonoma Valley winery no doubt offers much more than beauty, including a club-member lounge and a private tour via a Pinzgauer Swiss Army Vehicle.

Matanzas Creek Winery

Wrap up your day filled with picturesque Sonoma Valley wineries by viewing a dazzling sunset at Matanzas Creek Winery. Set up in the remote Bennett Valley region, Matanzas is sure to give you plenty of material for taking pictures, as they feature arguably one of the most breathtaking lavender gardens, topping all other Sonoma wineries. Originally planted in 1991, each June provides guests with an unforgettable welcome to the winery as they pull in and witness the natural beauty and the refreshing fragrance. They make wine, yes, but what they really strive to offer guests is an experience like no other.

Luxury Rentals in California’s Wine Country

Photo of a Heavenly Vacation Home near the Best Sonoma Wineries.Though there are so many more Sonoma wineries to mention, these particular establishments encapsulate the very best of Wine Country. So, your next expedition on the self-guided California Wine Country tour should be your basecamp: Woodfield Properties. Amenities and luxuries include private acreage, outdoor pools, fireplaces, mountain vistas, and, of course, close proximity to the area’s most beloved vineyards. You’ll never be far from good wine here! To book a long-awaited escape to Sonoma County, please visit us online.