In the wake of the wine country fires that hit our area, we seem to be being asked the same questions: How is Sonoma/Napa/Should we still come?

The majority of our homes are still standing. In fact, some of our Vacation Rentals have been converted into longer term housing as Sonoma and the rest of Wine Country rebuilds. We still have plenty of vacation homes available for your stay, and have added even more to our portfolio.

When you drive in to Sonoma, the hills are a bit charred, but from the town of Sonoma you would never know a fire very nearly took our beloved town. The hills have even begun to turn green with our recent rains.

“Look to the helpers”… and indeed there was no shortage of helpers in Sonoma, Napa, and Santa Rosa, as well as the rest of California. We had residents opening up second homes and their own homes to those displaced, local restaurants were offering free wifi and charging stations to those without power as well as coffee and meals to our firefighters. Animal shelters were helping with displaced animals. Local boutiques such as 1/2 Pint and Perle donated brand new clothing to those who lost everything, and here at Woodfield Property Management we worked with insurance brokers to place families in homes as quickly and comfortably as possible.

At the time of the fires, everything was chaos. Now we see the blessing of a reminder of what a magical, loving place Sonoma Valley really is.